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Beth Roberts

I had a very good experience with Pati and Aryl. Aryl took us to see three different units and asked a lot of questions from the seller’s realtors about each unit which were all geared toward what he knew our purpose for the unit was. It did not seem to matter to him that some were more expensive  than others, and he did not try to push us toward the more expensive buy (which was the opposite experience I had had with three other realtors in the Keys) At our inspection, he was very helpful again with helping us inspect and discuss any problem with the unit we were in the process of buying. While we never met Pati in person, she was always almost instantaneous in her response to phone calls and emails, and always helpful and honest. We were able to negotiate a price we were comfortable with for the condo, and they helped us navigate a difficult financing situation and kept our loan guy moving along. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Aryl and Pati and would 100% encourage others to work with them over any other realtor in the Keys (and trust me, I worked with quite a few before I found them).